Our Objectives

Our Objectives

We are a business primarily, we also realise that our success and growth can only continue through the continual support of our customers and their willingness to recommend us to their colleagues, friends and family. To that end, we go the extra mile to satisfy our customers’ needs, working around their time constraints, offering great value for money products, free advice and surveys, no obligation quotations, 24 hour availability and a 5yr warranty on all extinguishers as standard.

SureFire Safety is committed to making customer satisfaction our number one priority. We will strive to continually earn new business and feel this, coupled with our relentless commitment to outstanding service will prove invaluable. With an appreciation for delivering value for money service, we aim for recognition as a unique organisation within a very competitive industry.

In turn, the ability to satisfy an ever growing customer base is essential if we are to maintain continued prosperity. Each customer is entrusting us with their safety and the safety of those around them, this is a great honour to be given such trust, a trust which we can assure our clients is not misplaced.

Our activities must, at all times, focus on the customer's requirements. We will strive to exceed their expectations by strictly adhering to their instructions while ensuring absolute integrity in service, providing swift response, and maintaining polite, courteous verbal communication. Through the safe protection of the customer's person, property and assets, we seek to provide them with an improved environment in which to live or work.

In line with all our responsibilities, SureFire Safety operates an environmental policy, so that we need leave nothing behind but a positive impression.

In addition we operate free post fire / incident equipment replacement, this policy is designed to encourage our customers to use all their fire fighting and rescue equipment without any consideration of costs. Our aim is to help our customers through a difficult time and supporting them through the life of the fire safety products sold by us.

Should you be the victim of a fire, we will replace all affected fire safety equipment you purchased from us if it was located near the fire at the time of the fire. To claim your free replacement, please send us the fire report of the fire brigade or other evidence of the fire as well as a documentation of the fire safety products affected.

‘Affected fire safety equipment’ includes: fire fighting equipment used to fight the fire, fire escape hoods used, any fire safety equipment marked by smoke or damaged through the fire fighting process, any passive fire protection triggered by the heat of the fire, any fire escape equipment damaged during the escape from the fire, any carbon monoxide detectors exposed to smoke from the fire.


  • Anti arson letterboxes
  • Products which were installed outside the UK
  • Fire safety equipment not maintained/replaced in accordance to relevant British Standards
  • Fires judged by the fire brigades as suspicious or caused by arson might be excluded from this replacement policy
  • Fires resulting in the prosecution of the responsible person are not covered by this policy
  • Fire Safety Products not sold by us