Dorgard and Door Closure Systems

Dorgard Systems

A fire will travel the easiest route it can to spread, that is why it is important to fit fire doors which link areas of a building (Fire Door and Door Closure installation available, contact us, for a quotation).

To ensure these doors are kept shut in case of a fire door closures are fitted so that the door stays closed all the time, but as we all know fire doors are often wedged open to allow people to move around freely without hindrance, this presents a problem as fire will move more quickly through the building, further endangering the occupants.

The answer to this problem is the use of a product called the Dorgard. Dorgard is the intelligent fire door hold-open device that listens for a continuous fire alarm sound level of over 65 decibels. After approximately 14 seconds Dorgard will release, allowing the fire door to close under the pressure of the overhead door closure.

Dorgard requires no wiring as it is battery operated and self-contained.

Dorgard is accepted for use by fire authorities and complies with all relevant BS standards.

Key Points

  • Automatic fire door release when fire alarm sounds
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy, foot-operated manual release/adjustment operation
  • Automatic night-time release facility
  • Reliable, acoustic detection
  • Smart, unobtrusive design
  • Battery lifetime exceeds fire safety policy directive
  • Integral power-on LED indicator
  • Low battery, automatic door release
  • Optional floor plate for especially heavy doors/slippery surface
  • Available in white, black, red and mahogany
  • Complies fully with all relevant British Standards, EC Directives and UK Workplace Regulations (Fire Precautions) 1997

A free site survey would identify which alarms are required and their positions, contact us today to arrange a no obligation visit and advice from one of our technicians.